retirement & Lay-up

ince 2000, Cedar Hill Farm has been honored to transition some of the finest show horses into retirement.  A specific housing arrangement is designed for each retiree, and modified as necessary to suit the horse.  Clients from Southern California to New York have entrusted the care of their retired horses to the farm.

Our retirement options include:

  • 40' X 100'  paddocks with 3-sided shelters.  Daily turn out on grass, if desired.
  • 3 roomy pastures, full or partially irrigated with year-round grazing.

All board rates include full care:

  • Full body wellness checks by owners
  • Shoeing and Vet scheduling, no extra fees for holding during appointments
  • Blanketing and Fly Mask maintenance
  • Administering de-wormers and periodic medications
  • Routine doctoring
  • Grooming as needed for health and shedding purposes


Anne Greco honed her lameness and trouble shooting skills with former American Assoc. of Equine Practitioners president and 1984 Olympic vet Dr. Marvin Beeman. A main focus of the farm is to sort out and diagnose unusual and unresolved lamenesses. We currently work with all of the major equine hospitals in Northern California and have enjoyed much success in returning numerous competitors back to their jobs.

We work with your referring vet and additional therapeutic professionals to implement a prescriptive exercise and nutrition program specific to your horse. A wide array of housing is offered to accommodate the ever changing needs of the healing athlete.